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New fonts from Hallmark available for licensing

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A fresh batch of new script and display fonts from the Hallmark™ Design Collection is now available from Monotype Imaging for license to software & hardware developers. This vibrant range of fonts has a wonderful palette of personalities and uses.

The Baa Book™ HMK font family is a clever set of fonts that comes in regular and bold weights. Baa Book HMK has a sprightly letterforms and its hand lettering style is great for projects that need a youthful appearance.

The Fultoon™ HMK font is an energetic, quirky script typeface from Hallmark. Fultoon has a fun handwritten style with the appearance of ink blobs. Its uneven strokes creates a sense of excitement and joyful energy.

The Sandy Text™ HMK typeface family is a fresh, graceful design from the talented lettering artists at Hallmark Cards. Sandy Text HMK is a casual script with an engaging, flowing handwriting style. It comes in both regular and bold weights for added flexibility and contrast.

The Twizot™ HMK font is an engaging, alternative roman font with a unique, organic lettering style. Twizot HMK has a has an uneven baseline that gives it plenty of energy and bouncy letterforms that make it a fun font to work with.