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Comic Sans in the news once again

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Comic Sans is a typeface you either love or hate. Much has been written about Comic Sans, typically by folks who love to hate it. -:)

Every now and then someone stands up to defend this quirky cartoon-style handwriting font that millions of Windows and Microsoft Office users make use of (or avoid!).

Patrick Kingsley wrote a nice article in the Guardian titled "In Defence of Comic Sans" that we thought was worth sharing.


Award-winning TypeTogether fonts now available from Ascender

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today we are happy to announce that Ascender is now offering for license the distinguished fonts from the TypeTogether collection. The award-winning TypeTogether fonts are available in TrueType and OpenType for purchase and instant download from and also for licensing to software and hardware developers from

“What we like about Ascender is their reputation as an innovative font developer and distributor, and their expertise with licensing fonts to everyone from home users to major corporations,” said Veronika Burian, co-founder of TypeTogether.

View the news release here:

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