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TrueType hinting - the key to Ascender's superior quality fonts

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ascender is the undisputed leader in producing the finest quality fonts that render well on screen. Whether for User Interfaces or web fonts, the challenges remain the same to optimize the user experience with fonts that are legible and readable.

Ascender's font experts have earned their reputation because of their expertise in 'hinting' TrueType fonts. Led by Tom Rickner, the Ascender team has developed a wide range of fonts that can be found in mobile phones, digital TVs and set top boxes, operating systems and devices of all kinds.

Ascender uses many of the same tools as other foundries to produce the basic font outlines. But that's where the similarity ends. Ascender's unique expertise and proprietary tools allow it to generating high quality TrueType fonts that are superior to basic autohinted fonts.

This process allows the Ascender team to hand edit the code and generate superior hints, and thus optimize the output for various rendering engines. All of this allows Ascender to produce TrueType fonts unsurpassed in font quality.

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