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Fonts in eBook Readers

Friday, February 12, 2010

Is 2010 the year of the eBook reader? In the past six months quite a few new eBook readers have been introduced. From the Barnes & Noble Nook to the COOL-ER reader, almost all of these devices use similar screen technology.

When you look at text on the screens of these different devices, you will notice that there are some interesting differences in font rendering quality. Ascender has worked with a variety of companies to develop and license fonts specifically for use in eBook readers. We have had great success in tuning fonts for the screen, improving the legibility and readability of text, especially at small sizes.

There are lots of reviews being written about eBook readers. Unfortunately most of the focus seems to be on features and technical specifications, and not much time spent on the how the text looks and the fonts selected for the device. Here is one set of reviews that we found interesting because it covered a wide variety of devices: eBook Reader Review at Top Ten Reviews.

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